Water retention while on steroids

To avoid water retention during a weight loss period and avoid re-gaining the water weight back, it is important to reduce losing water weight as much as possible so the body is forced to burn fat stores, not carbohydrate or protein stores. This can be attained by eating small portions of high quality protein at each meal, reducing food intake gradually, including anaerobic exercise into a fitness routine, avoiding crash and starvation diets, training for strength to increase muscle, and losing weight slowly (2 pounds per week max).

Water retention is a common problem that most people face at some point in their lives. A combination of diet, lifestyle changes, supplements, and diuretics can work together to relieve edema and stop it from returning. The biggest thing to remember is that edema is caused by a combination of too much sodium in the body and poor circulation. By reducing salt intake and encouraging the excess water to leave with diuretics, edema will quickly fade. Combining these lifestyle changes with an increased exercise regimen will also make a difference in reducing edema . 

Treating the temporary symptoms not related to disease or illness can be easily managed with over the counter remedies or natural diuretics . One of the most common is dandelion, which can be eaten or made into a delicious tea. Celery , watermelon and parsley are also considered natural diuretics as well, and can be enjoyed in small amounts to help reduce the water hoarding the body is engaging in. And, while natural diuretics for water retention are helpful to add into a diet, avoiding salt is even more important. Avoiding excess sodium not only contributes to lower blood pressure, but it is very important to a water retention diet because of the delicate water to sodium balance the body needs to consistently maintain.

Water retention while on steroids

water retention while on steroids


water retention while on steroidswater retention while on steroidswater retention while on steroidswater retention while on steroidswater retention while on steroids