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"Letter from the author Sharon A. Wagner:

First of all I hold a Master of Science degree in molecular biology and genetics so I most certainly am qualified to research and interpret Labrador coat color genetics. I have had several conversations with AKC representative and LRC, Inc representatives as well concerning the silver color. If you have any semblance of credentials and/or have been in contact with either the AKC or LRC and have varying information than my own please feel free to comment. If you are a silver breeder or prospective breeder and would like more information or to discuss the points addressed in this article feel free to email me . If you want to harass me or call me names please keep to yourself because frankly anyone who would like to do this is quite ignorant and so I won't take your words seriously so really why bother. I have in the past taken every email seriously and I reply with answers to questions, etc yet I rarely get a response back or else the person calls me a name and does not care to respond to my questions back or debate points made or facts. Also when you email me and pretend to be someone else such as a "breeder of field champions", etc and say you produced a silver or charcoal puppy in your litter I can tell you are not who you say you are by the free email address and lack of any information such as website, name, location, etc. I also will ask for pedigrees and photos and I have yet to receive any from "breeders of champions". So please read the information compiled here and think what you will but if you only want to call someone names then keep it to yourself because all you get out of me is a good laugh. Thank you."
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Superior genetics labs steroids

superior genetics labs steroids


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