Stanabolic bodybuilding

It is felt that an individual can gain a maximum of 4 pounds of muscle per year for every 100 pounds of body weight that they possess. This would translate to a 200 pound man having a maximum potential to gain 8 pounds of muscle per year, which itself would be an enormous gain. The first time steroid user can gain as much as 8 pounds per 100 pounds of body weight in a single ten week cycle. This means that the first time steroid user could gain 16 pounds of muscle injust 2 months. Their maximum potential without drugs would be 8 pounds in an entire year. It is easy to see that the steroid gains are substantially higher.

thanks for all the advice d4ead, it nice to find some support as I have already spend my money buying 200 (10mg) Stanabol Tablets. I will be reading that link and I will also like to know whether its is a good idea to take some tablets sold in holland and barrets which are said to help your liver, so I would think this is a good idea of something to take while taking steriods. What do you think? Also when you talk about making better gains and performance in the first ever cycle, are you talking about the pct or are you talking about various different things like diet, routine, workouts etc if you are could you help me getting good diets, routines, and workouts and where could I get them from?

Stanabolic bodybuilding

stanabolic bodybuilding


stanabolic bodybuildingstanabolic bodybuildingstanabolic bodybuildingstanabolic bodybuildingstanabolic bodybuilding