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The bio-synthezoid Antigone, sole survivor of Alkhema's creations, salvaged Ultron's head and escaped with it. By this time, Jocasta-now a disembodied artificial intelligence working for Tony Stark-had been subconsciously influenced by her own "Ultron Imperative" to prepare one of Iron Man's suits of armor as a new host body for Ultron. Acting under the influence of Ultron programming, the armor in question became a dangerously unstable and violent sentient being, torturing Jocasta and committing various other crimes before seemingly sacrificing its artificial life to save Stark (a selfless act Ultron later attributed to a programming "flaw" inherited from Ultron-12). Aided by Antigone, Ultron took the sentient armor as a host body and tricked the Sons of Yinsen cult into thinking he was their late master, Ho Yinsen , intending to use the cult and new SKIN technology stolen from Stark as a stepping-stone to world power. However, Stark and Jocasta joined forces to expose Ultron and thwart his plans. During the battle, Ultron was reduced to an inert head again, Antigone was accidentally deactivated, and Jocasta's consciousness took over Antigone's body, leaving for parts unknown and taking Ultron's head with her. More recently, multiple Ultrons-likely conjured by the Scarlet Witch-participated in the Witch's mad assault on the Avengers.

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I've used this together with other Protein supplements. I primarily use it as a "filler", like in-between meals. I only take 1 serving (2 scoops) in a day. So far it's good, 10g of Creatine though is too much for me I think. But it does help me boost overall strength, and my PRs did improve. I hate the Milk Chocolate flavor, it's just so "artificial" to my taste (compared to BSN's Chocolate flavor, I give that a 10/10). Around 70% of the Supplements I take are from MuscleTech: I love their formulation (really good R&D for their products) but I HATE all their flavors. Please improve on that.

Rebuilt mass super anabolic mass gainer

rebuilt mass super anabolic mass gainer


rebuilt mass super anabolic mass gainerrebuilt mass super anabolic mass gainerrebuilt mass super anabolic mass gainerrebuilt mass super anabolic mass gainerrebuilt mass super anabolic mass gainer