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We never refer people to drug rehabs in British Columbia that employ any prescription drugs to cure an addiction. Our belief is that. However, easy and wonderful it may seem; a pill does not provide a cure for addiction. Addiction to drugs and alcohol doesn't work like that. Addiction is an inability to deal with life. The addict is not in control of their life and drugs or alcohol becomes a solution for the overwhelming feelings caused by their lack of control over life. So how can a medication increase those abilities to be more in control over daily life? It cannot. What it does is numb the problems and will not solve them.

The many effective behavioral treatments available for heroin addiction can be delivered in outpatient and residential settings. Approaches such as contingency management and cognitive-behavioral therapy have been shown to effectively treat heroin addiction, especially when applied in concert with medications. Contingency management uses a voucher-based system in which patients earn “points” based on negative drug tests, which they can exchange for items that encourage healthy living. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is designed to help modify the patient’s expectations and behaviors related to drug use and to increase skills in coping with various life stressors. An important task is to match the best treatment approach to meet the particular needs of the patient.

Methadone steroids together

methadone steroids together


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