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A first-of-its-kind comparison of 18th century British nautical charts with modern coral reef databases suggests that reefs were far more widespread throughout the Florida Keys several centuries ago, particularly along coastlines and in Florida Bay. It’s a finding that could have implications for reef conservation and restoration, prompting ecologists to rethink what constitutes an ‘undisturbed’ ecosystem. And it all started when historical ecologist Loren McClenachan became captivated by a weathered old map she stumbled upon at the British Admiralty Archives some ten years back.

Our client, a 32 year old developmentally challenged man with the mental capacity of between a three year old and a seven year old, was charged with the sexual molestation of an eight year old girl in the basement of a Manhattan church. Having been hidden away since birth by his immigrant family, he had received no schooling or socialization and was a confused mix of adult urges and infantile understanding. We cut through a maze of bureaucratic red tape so that this unfortunate and neglected man received help to prevent a tragic occurrence from ever happening again. We presented our efforts on his behalf as part of an extensive motion to dismiss the charges in the interests of justice. All charges were dismissed.

Maps anabolic

maps anabolic


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