High dose inhaled steroids

I am interested in approaching my 15 yo son’s endo for a prescription just to be used for stubborn highs. I’m not sure if he is going to approve, but I’m going to ask. We are fairly successful with Omni/Dex combo, but occasionally, due to (who knows?) timing, carbs under-calculated, under-bolused, pump failure, etc., he can go over 200 and be hard to bring down. I’d like to use it for these instances. I know of a few people doing this, but had trouble also with insurance not understanding it was adding on – not daily use. Thanks for the information!

the title of the article is self explanatory: High Dose Hydrogen, Magnesium, Bicarbonate Therapy
ph adjust is about the mag/bicarb part. Frankly I wonder if the hydrogen is necessary since bicarb also contains H.
I used to drink h2o2 and I now see it is an inferior protocol to the bicarbs after having tried both. I found I got hydrated with the latter and not the former. I buy mag carbonate and sodium bicararbonate by the kilo . I mix the magcarb with lime and ascorbic acid, then mix that with a sodbicarb, water, lime and stevia solution to taste and drink throughout the day..wonderful. I figure I get enough potassium in my foods already but you could add potassium bicarb if you want. The bicarb part of the molecule is the key to the hydration. Bicarbs are simply natural, powdered limestone.

High dose inhaled steroids

high dose inhaled steroids


high dose inhaled steroidshigh dose inhaled steroidshigh dose inhaled steroidshigh dose inhaled steroidshigh dose inhaled steroids