C9 t11 steroid alternative

I have been on 50mg of Natrol brand DHEA since 38, I am now 56 (so guess I AM that long term test guinna pig they seem to be looking for) I have NO health problems at ALL at this age, and can still outrun my 20 year old son, no blood pressure or colesterol problems, and am 5’10” at 145 (still wear the same pant size I did in high school. Personally, I swear by this stuff, and can definately TELL when i miss a few days (i have tested this theory my self many times through the years just to be sure it wasn’t the plecebo affect.. trust me, it isn’t. I still have a full head of hair (NO loss), can still keep up with 4-5 times a night in bed with NO assit, and am constantly told i look 10 to 15 years younger than i am……….and still FEEL 30 ! It someone is looking for a test subject, i’m your man ! 🙂 I’ll never stop taking it, i don’t care WHAT the research says are side affects..

Recent university research published in the prestigious journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, shows that combining the key ingredients found in Monster Mix  with a proper diet and regular training programme will help you build muscle while SIMULTANEOUSLY shedding fat . Using a sophisticated technique for measuring body composition known as DEXA, results showed that the supplementation group  added muscle more than three times faster  than the control group. Subjects using the placebo put on almost 2 pounds of fat, while the supplementation group lost almost three pounds of fat.

I just want to say that this stuff really works! Not the best taste in the world, but thanks to this amazing product, I have the boost and energy I need after a long day at work. Before C4, it would take me 45 minutes to walk/run a 5K Marathon. I have been taking C4 for four months now, and I’m so happy to share that I am now running at a perfect pace and breaking my own personal record of a 5K Marathon in 30 minutes. I also want to share to others, that do not give up on this product. The first week of taking C4, I almost gave up on it because of the tingly “wired” effects I was feeling throughout my body, so what I did the second week, was use only half a scoop to the same amount of water….and this did it for me! I am one happy user! 🙂

C9 t11 steroid alternative

c9 t11 steroid alternative


c9 t11 steroid alternativec9 t11 steroid alternativec9 t11 steroid alternativec9 t11 steroid alternativec9 t11 steroid alternative