Bikini competitors on steroids

All competitors go a little crazy on their first meal after the show has come to an end. I went to town on a family-sized portion of Thai food, then went to the gas station to buy two jumbo cookie ice cream sandwiches. My friends who had been deprived of a cheat meal for several months took their binge to a much higher level, scarfing down Cinnamon Toast Crunch with whole milk, icing and tons of cream cheese, followed by waffles made from doughnuts and stuffed with Reese’s peanut butter cups.

I hope that my experience and this article doesn’t come off as an anti-competitive fitness, because it’s not intended to be. When all was said and done, I was actually really glad that I set the goal of competing and followed through with it. The process helped me develop several healthy habits, such as eating small portions and balanced meals throughout the day and incorporating adequate strength training to complement my weekly cardio workouts.

Men’s Bodybuilding  – Finals (Top 5) – Rounds 2 & 3 (105 min.)
–  Bantamweight:  Up to and including 143 1/3 pounds
–  Lightweight:  Over 143 1/3 pounds up to and including 154 ¼ pounds
–  Welterweight:  Over 154 ¼ pounds up to 165 ¼ pounds
–  Middleweight:  Over 165 ¼ pounds up to 176 ¼ pounds
–  Light-Heavyweight:  Over 176 ¼ pounds up to 198 ¼ pounds
–  Heavyweight:  Over 198 ¼ pounds up to 225 ¼ pounds
–  Super Heavyweight:  Over 225 ¼ pounds

Bikini competitors on steroids

bikini competitors on steroids


bikini competitors on steroidsbikini competitors on steroidsbikini competitors on steroidsbikini competitors on steroidsbikini competitors on steroids