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Note the really important lesson here is twofold. First, the “sweep spot” theory is just that – a theory, and a bunk one at that. While it may be true in some men, and at the time of this test I thought I found the cause of my own libido issues, later when my levels were steady at a number greater than 82pg/mL functioning and sexual appetite were more than just fine. My sweet spot seems to be a range that is not too high (what that number is I do not know) or too low. Second, the real metric of interest is a stable level that is not bouncing around all over the place.

So what significance does all this have to the average reader here? It has quite a bit of relevance because legal, over the counter, androgenic prohormones are actually “custom made” for harnessing the CNS powers of androgens. As was previously mentioned with the enzymes 5 alpha-reductase and aromatase, the enzymes that convert prohormones to active androgens (17 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and 3alpha(beta) dehydrogenase) are also heavily localized in the many of the same CNS centers. Therefore, administration of these prohormones, while not always substantially raising systemic (blood) levels of active androgens, can cause large increases in androgen activity in the key CNS centers. As a result, these prohormones can be considered “CNS targeted” versions of testosterone. They should be considered valuable products due to the fact that they enable one to achieve many of the psychophysiological and prosexual benefits of testosterone, while avoiding much of the systemic toxicity associated with long term exogenous testosterone usage. Prohormones also give one the ability to achieve powerful immediate effects by limiting usage prior to times of important physical, mental or sexual tasks. The final message therefore, is that prohormones can be used safely, and possess potential benefits for a wide variety of people, regardless of whether muscle building is a priority to them or not.

Anabolicminds libido

anabolicminds libido


anabolicminds libidoanabolicminds libidoanabolicminds libidoanabolicminds libidoanabolicminds libido