Anabolic freak review bodybuilding

“I had good results with Anabolic Freak. I’ve used DAA before and liked it, and I know the research on it is legit, so I decided to try Anabolic Freak because DAA is the main ingredient stacked with other ingredients for an improved* effect. I like that it will also help keep estrogen under control while supporting higher testosterone.
IMO test-boosters like this will be more effective for guys over 35-40 years old (like me) to bring levels back up to where they were… if you’re a young horny guy training and eating well your test is probably already high. This would still probably help you, but you might not notice it as much as a little older guy, or someone who has low test (due to being overweight, over-tired, over-stressed, under-nourished, or suppressed due to chemicals, etc).
For a libido boost*, aggressive workouts, and better recovery, give it a shot.”
– Josh Hewett

One the official website, there’s information relating to the “science” behind the ingredients. What’s missing is research support the claims. After a bit of digging, we located studies showing the opposite of what the company stated. According to the School of Science & Health, University of Western Sydney, “the present study has demonstrated that 3 −1 of d-aspartic acid was inadequate to affect any hormonal markers and that 6 −1 significantly reduced total testosterone and free testosterone levels.” At DietSpotlight, solid science is imperative. If the evidence doesn’t support the available information and in fact paints a different picture, we walk away from it.

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Anabolic freak review bodybuilding

anabolic freak review bodybuilding


anabolic freak review bodybuildinganabolic freak review bodybuildinganabolic freak review bodybuildinganabolic freak review bodybuildinganabolic freak review bodybuilding