Afraid of needles steroids

For some reason, the Fatal Flaw of many a Badass is fear of hypodermic needles and antiseptics. Not knives , not absurdly large guns , not even Snakes! There's just something deliciously ironic about a Big Damn Heroes who routinely gets cut up with huge knives , beat to within an inch of his life and without giving up , becoming squirmy and panicky when his lady friend comes over with a simple syringe and sanitary cotton to clean his wounds . It seems most any non-battle pain can cripple this dude. It's certainly a "clever" way to bring a Badass Longcoat into a less Marty Stu -ish territory, and is a very humanizing flaw to have. In extreme cases, expect fainting -- even if the needle isn't going into him!

I can also supply new GRAMOPHONE NEEDLES of various types INCLUDING SOME fibre thorn needles. For details of these and how to order Click on the "Needles" button I also have a number of unused old stock of gramophone mainsprings. Details on request. I work from home and you are very welcome to visit me at my workshop in West Pentire. It's best to ring first to make sure I'm there. CAN I REMIND YOU THAT THE VINTAGE GRAMOPHONES PLAY 78 RPM RECORDS ONLY. GRAMOPHONES DON'T PLAY "VINYL".  I AM AFRAID THAT I CANNOT UNDERTAKE TO SEND MACHINES OUT OF THE UK. I CAN ARRANGE TO POST SMALLER MACHINES WITHIN THE UK BUT LARGER GRAMOPHONES AND PHONOGRAPHS WILL HAVE TO BE COLLECTED FROM MY WORKSHOP IN CORNWALL OR I CAN DELIVER AT A REASONABLE DISTANCE FROM TR8 5SE..

Afraid of needles steroids

afraid of needles steroids


afraid of needles steroidsafraid of needles steroidsafraid of needles steroidsafraid of needles steroidsafraid of needles steroids